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Bernard  Kneuse
0049 – (0)8272 – 640 806

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          Catherine Le Ray
parismusette [ät]

         Catherine Le Ray spent her first 25 years in Montmartre – Paris. 
Born into an artists’ family she had steady contact to the culture scene, cabaret and theatre.

She has not stopped travelling between France and Germany in order to perform in renowned places.

“First-class chansons, paired with an extraordinary and lively
 charisma of the singer and her instrumentalists”

“The unusual and enchanting French lady made us breathe Parisian air wrapped in chansons ”

“The illusion of her nostalgic Paris, wonderfully Parisian, three times more beautiful than reality…
we are most fascinated
by the singer and her accordionist ”

“There was no doubt from the very beginning, that evening would
become a delight,
nothing but delight, and the atmosphere these
 three French ambassadors brought
to Heidenheim was so wonderful,
so ingenious, so stylish ”


She is accompanied by professional musicians mainly from Paris, who perform with her in a duo (accordion), trio (accordion / piano or guitar), quartet
 (accordion /piano / bass) or sextet (accordion /
piano / bass / saxophone / drums) in France or Germany. The multitude of rhythms has a big part
 in their success: musette, waltz, tango, polka, dixie, jazz.

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